This picture is of two terrestrially diverse superwomen who unite for a cause. It is with unity the hearts and minds change. The psyche is a powerful tool in shaping our universe. They are considered others, not from planet earth. Though earthlings would feel comfortable categorizing them into aliens because they do not look like humans, it would do them no justice. They are representative of our spiritual side something that is too big to be defined.
We all are much more than labels yet on a daily occurrence people treat us differently for we look. In Middlemen race is discussed when analyzing law enforcement practices. America has a history of legally targeting and discriminating against people they feel are others but in no place is this more visible than within the Black community. Adding fuel to the fire, when quotas are inherent rounding people up in neighborhoods defined as hotspots is business as usual. Since the 1980’s the prison system has grown into a massive industry. Between 2011-2016 the estimated value of prison contracts came in at $13,117,276,925 compiled from the CMD Group website. The criminal justice system has ventured into privatizing prisons, youth facilities and even police departments have followed suit. As such is the case with the NYPD Microsoft partnership on Domain Awareness System and IBM’s influence with Compstat. That is not to say that technology is inadequate for law enforcement. The concern is that despite public concern about the criminal justice system effectiveness, any profits will surely outweigh attempts to reform it. Many citizens agree that these practices are flawed and have not addressed root causes of crime. Still alarming numbers of people are pushed through the system each day.
Yet, people are denied a voice against police misconduct.
Here, we have been made to believe that those in law enforcement are elite.
We separate people into labels without knowing the consequences of our actions.
As Marquis, one of the retired officers in ‘Middlemen’ explains, the system is known for making medusa who are recycled back into our communities. People labeled as criminals, especially in communities of color As Marquis, one of the former officers explains the system is known for making medusa who are recycled back into our communities. People labeled as criminals, especially of color, face exclusion from sectors in the society like employment. Obtaining arrests for the sake of numbers does not only compromise departmental morale, but it tears apart the community which is vital to helping officers solve crimes. The superwoman in this galactic picture displays with confidence, empowerment, love, and vibrancy. They are capable of reshaping hearts and minds that believe oppression is progression.