The good news, all three films are completely shot! With the help of a $5000 grant from Riverside Church Sharing Fund, past crowdfunding contributors, the filmmaker's funding injections, interns, and pure old fashioned sweat equity, we completed the production stage. Interns afforded by the Futures and Options program, contributed working hours. A crowd-fund-ing initiative raised $1845 in donations. In-Kind Contributions provided by Cardozo Law Clinic legal services for the life of the project.
But we still need your support! Post is where all the things needed to make a film entertaining and bring the story to life. Contributions are essential. They take on various forms, whether you donate, share our campaign on social media or attend a screening once the film is completed, your help is what makes the film successful!
Contributions go to:
Video editing!!!!
Color Correction
Sound design, Foley, and clean up
Music and Composition
Licensing third party content
@middlmen_Doc -twitter/instagram
Use the button below to contribute. 
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