Contributions go to:
Video editing
Color Correction
Sound design, Foley, and clean up
Music and Composition
Licensing third party content

See art below:

$3-$25 (SUPPORTER) -Our enduring gratitude for your support and Special Thanks! (%100 Tax Deductible)

$50-$150 (PROTESTER) – Handwritten note from the Director. Special thanks on websites Special Thanks Page and social media. (%100 Tax Deductible)

$150-$400 (SPECIALIST) - Everything above and #GotQuota #StopQuota T-Shirt, Digital password protected link when the film is complete. (%100 Tax Deductible after $15)

$500-$1000 (ACTIVIST) – Everything above, signed poster, DVD and CHOICE OF ARTWORK (%100 Tax Deductible after $245)

$2,700 Video Editing Week (INNOVATOR) - Everything above and extended Interviews of main characters in film. (%100 Tax Deductible after $285)

$5,000 Sound (EDUCATOR) - Everything above and Middle Men E-Study guide credited in your name

$10,000 (LEADER) – Everything above and special support listing on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). Paid hotel and travel to National Premiere film festival screening, 2 tickets to World Premiere (No Travel or Hotel Expenses included). Public screening coordinated in partnership with filmmakers, Q&A after the screening (Offered the opportunity to participate as a speaker with filmmakers as to what motivated you to become a supporter), (%100 Tax Deductible after $945)

MIDDLEMEN SUPPORTERS: To date we have received support from over 19 crowdfunding contributors, one $5000 grantfrom Riverside Church Sharing Fund, and in-kind legal service support from Cardozo Indie Film Clinic. We also have a team of up and coming filmmakers assisting with sweat equity. We are doing as much work as we can in-house to offset the financial costs but to make 'Middlemen' great we have to out source services like creative editing, color correction, sound, animation, and legal professional services.

@middlmen_Doc -twitter/instagram

Please email mindproductions (at) for questions regarding the film or paintings.
To contribute, please follow the 'Contribute Here' button below.

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