The good news, all three films are completely shot! With the help of a $5000 grant from Riverside Church Sharing Fund, past crowdfunding contributors, the filmmaker's funding injections, interns, and pure old fashioned sweat equity, we completed the production stage.

The not so great news, post production lacks financial support. Post is where all the things needed to make a film entertaining and bring the story to life. Contributions are essential. They take on various forms, whether you donate, share our campaign on social media or attend a screening once the film is completed, your help is what makes the film successful!

Contributions go to:
Video editing
Color Correction
Sound design, Foley, and clean up
Music and Composition
Licensing third party content

See art below:

$3-$25 (SUPPORTER) -Our enduring gratitude for your support and Special Thanks! (%100 Tax Deductible)

$50-$150 (PROTESTER) – Handwritten note from the Director. Special thanks on websites Special Thanks Page and social media. (%100 Tax Deductible)

$150-$400 (SPECIALIST) - Everything above and #GotQuota #StopQuota T-Shirt, Digital password protected link when the film is complete. (%100 Tax Deductible after $15)

$500-$1000 (ACTIVIST) – Everything above, signed poster, DVD and CHOICE OF ARTWORK (%100 Tax Deductible after $245)

$2,700 Video Editing Week (INNOVATOR) - Everything above and extended Interviews of main characters in film. (%100 Tax Deductible after $285)

$5,000 Sound (EDUCATOR) - Everything above and Middle Men E-Study guide credited in your name

$10,000 (LEADER) – Everything above and special support listing on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). Paid hotel and travel to National Premiere film festival screening, 2 tickets to World Premiere (No Travel or Hotel Expenses included). Public screening coordinated in partnership with filmmakers, Q&A after the screening (Offered the opportunity to participate as a speaker with filmmakers as to what motivated you to become a supporter), (%100 Tax Deductible after $945)

MIDDLEMEN SUPPORTERS: To date we have received support from over 19 crowdfunding contributors, one $5000 grantfrom Riverside Church Sharing Fund, and in-kind legal service support from Cardozo Indie Film Clinic. We also have a team of up and coming filmmakers assisting with sweat equity. We are doing as much work as we can in-house to offset the financial costs but to make 'Middlemen' great we have to out source services like creative editing, color correction, sound, animation, and legal professional services.

@middlmen_Doc -twitter/instagram

Please email mindproductions (at) for questions regarding the film or paintings.
To contribute, please follow the 'Contribute Here' button below.

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