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This is our temporary trailer. It displays the concepts involved in our project. A more update version will accompany the final film series.
'Middlemen' is an investigative series shedding light on the various perspectives of policing in communities of color and the policies that influence law enforcement decision making, particularly those leading to police violence.
Crowdfunding Efforts
The good news, all three films are completely shot! With the help of a $5000 grant from Riverside Church Sharing Fund, past crowdfunding contributors, the filmmaker's funding injections, interns, and pure old fashioned sweat equity, we completed the production stage. The not so great news, post production lacks financial support. Post is where all the things needed to make a film entertaining and bring the story to life. Contributions are essential. They take on various forms, whether you donate, share our campaign on social media or attend a screening once the film is completed, your help is what makes the film successful!
Special Thanks
To date we have received support from over 19 crowdfunding contributors, one $5000 grant from Riverside Church Sharing Fund, and in-kind legal service support from Cardozo Indie Film Clinic. We also have a team of up and coming filmmakers assisting with sweat equity. We are doing as much work as we can in-house to offset the financial costs but to make 'Middlemen' great we have to out source services like creative editing, color correction, sound, animation, and legal professional services. We are eternally grateful for these folks!
Meet The Team
A great project takes a great group of dedicated people to complete. These amazing individuals gave their time, energy, and an absorbent amount of dedication. Mindz Productions is eternally thankful for them.
Beyond The Making of Middlemen
Opportunities exist to have discussions around the topic after screenings to get local communities of officers engaging in further dialogue. It is vital to work with local community members, influencers', organizations, staples, activist, and agencies of each city because every place is naturally unique, with different needs and expectations. The community engagement events hosted include a screening of one or more of the films in the Middlemen series if it is set up over the course of a few days or weeks. The goal is to invite the local artist, musicians, entrepreneurs, and law enforcement professionals to attend in addition to community members of all ages. Festivities include screening in the least and on a broader spectrum, panel discussions, music, art auctions, giveaways, and food. Panels are pushing the dialogue further than the screening alone. Topics discussed around police and community relationships, Compstat, and police violence is presented with a designated host. We hope to dissuade policies that encourage enforcing low-level offense and offer other options to tackle minor issues, any form of a performance metrics for these arrests/summons and start a conversation about supporting whistle-blowers who refuse to conlude in behaviors they find unfair.
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