James Gray | Producer

James C.B Gray is a community, social and civil rights activist who is currently the national action network youth huddle representative for the Harlem chapter of NYC, where he serves as a mentor for the youth of NAN alongside the NAN youth huddle founder Ashley Sharpton… James also delivers the civil rights highlight speech every Saturday morning that opens up the Saturday morning action rally broadcast which streams live at www.nationalactionnetwork.net and airs on wlib 1190am at 9am eastern standard time. James decided to become an activist shortly after he became a victim of police brutality…after a long and strenuous court battle he ultimately won a settlement against NYPD for police brutality and unlawful detention
which encouraged him to fight for those who have no voice or resources when it comes to these unjust measures. This incident also prompted James to produce a documentary about police brutality, stop and frisk, prison reform, comps tat and other issues affecting the black community. James is also very passionate about black history and has launched a campaign to teach black history through social media as he posts a little known black history fact every day that actually pertains to the date it’s published, he’s been doing this chronologically for the last 5 years and now has an online following through social media of 1.8 million viewers collectively. James was also a key player in getting the bill signed by Mayor De Blasio to rename Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx to hip hop Blvd. To pay tribute to hip hop and its legacy. James’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed and on February 12th 2016 James was honored at the first annual national action network welcoming committee leadership and service award ceremony…James received a city council citation from council woman Inez Dickens office for service and leadership and an award from the national action network welcoming committee for leadership and excellence.