Police Interactions with Youth at Park before school

Uniformed officers are remnant of military and an indicator of either protection or enforcement. Youth have far higher interactions with officers than most people who believe. Many of the time they are not guilty of a crime.

Truancy issues handled solely by officers when the school is across the street is a cause for trouble. Our society is being trained to OBEY social control methods that violate civil and constitutional rights. The trade-off of a growing police force means more dependence on authority figures–similar to ones seen on the news committing acts of police violence, to do functions that are outside of police functions.

Out of the kids stopped almost all were innocent and had to be at school in a few minutes. Though four students were truant or late, it caused others to arrive after the bell rang. Though it was upsetting to the students, they had no choice but stood there anyway.

A few asked me their rights; I told them to provide the officers with what they asked and to take it up later with their school or parents.

Sadly, a provision called Compstat encourages enforcement, arrests, and summons also known as a quota but in the state of New York termed performance standard.

Youth are frequently rounded up in similar ways and account for a stop and frisk. Non-Violent offenses are gleamed at as Broken Windows, clogging up the courtroom.

The end of this video, when an audience emerges the officer nonchalantly relates smoking marijuana to why they took the kids out the park despite the relation not be specific to the kids in their van. It is easy to say these kids are criminal. It is easier to put them in a truck than walk them across the street to the school.

We are not saying kids should be truant and there should be no cops, we are saying there are far better ways to handle our youth and schools play a significant role in setting the pretense for police departments.