Meet Mrs. Kadiatou Diallo

Kadiatou Diallo recounts in a soft but vibrant voice, “He used to listen to Bruce Springsteen’s born in the USA, I think he loved America even before he came”.

My Heart Will Cross This Ocean: My Story, My Son, Amadou
Photo courtesy of Kadiatou Diallo. This picture can also be found on her the cover of her book.

He spoke 5 languages and loved America even before he came. Amadou came to America for an education, but his education was cut short when he was mistakenly killed by law enforcement in 1999.  Amadou always wanted to help people, and through the Amadou Diallo foundation, his mother has given him the chance.

Kadiato Diallo drives home a message of hope. She believes that the police and community absolutely must work together to achieve change and is open to the Amadou Diallo Foundation she runs partnering with police departments.

Additionally, the Amadou Diallo Foundation awards scholarships at the Bronx Community College to those who need financial assistance. Each scholarship awarded is an opportunity to spread her son’s love and drive for education even further. In Middlemen we see how Amadou’s legacy come full circle when Komi Attiso, scholar recipient is teaching a group of students Chemistry at Bronx Community College. The students are eager and engaged in Chemistry equations. Komi is one of the most sought out teachers at the college. Because of the ADF award, Komi explains that he knows about Amadou’s story.


Amadou Diallo Scholarship Award Recipient
Komi Attitso is a Amadou Diallo Scholarship Recipient. He is speaking with his students after an intense Chemistry class.