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‘Middlemen,’ observes the human impact of policing in neighborhoods of color through the lens of numerical enforcement, and discusses if this system revered for reducing crime is working or creating more issues.

BACKGROUND: In 2017, police officers killed 1,129 people, of those 147 were unarmed and 25 percent were Black despite making up only 13 percent of the population. Only 13 of the 1,129 cases lead to charges filed. 631 killings began as non-violent offenses. Targeting low-level crimes started in the early 1990’s when the crime rate was high, and New Yorkers were desperate for solutions.Mayor Giuliani and Commissioner Bratton implement a numerical performance system called Compstat coupled with Broken Windows Policing. Policing departments across the country would soon adopt it, gradually moving away from Community Policing.The trade-off for a better New York came with an inherently unfair human cost that benefited targeting marginalized communities of color.

WHAT IS MIDDLEMEN ABOUT: ‘Middlemen’ weaves together the stories of former officers and bereaved families as they push forward against overwhelming challenges in the Criminal Justice System. This is an interview-intensive story with animation, graphics, b roll and vierte.

MIDDLEMEN PLANS: There are big plans for Middlemen. Distribution is to be complimented with transformative outreach regarding criminal justice system reform, race relationships, and sharing three calls to action that the public can don in order to help this process.

MIDDLEMEN SUPPORTERS: To date we have received support from over 19 crowdfunding contributors, one $5000 grant from Riverside Church Sharing Fund, and in-kind legal service support from Cardozo Indie Film Clinic.

MIDDLEMEN CHALLENGES: Our challenge is to take Middlemen’s assembly, expand it into a complete comprehensive industry standard rough cut. We are seeking professional guidance to assist us in this process. We need help with preparing for editing steps, learning how to manage workflow, and how to present our materials to potential funders that will help us complete refinement, color correction, animation, and prep Middlemen for an impact campaign and delivery.

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  • $2,700 Video Editing Week (INNOVATOR) –  Everything above and extended Interviews of main characters in film. (%100 Tax Deductible after $285).
  • $5,000 Sound (EDUCATOR)Everything above and Middle Men E-Study guide credited in your name
  • $10,000 (LEADER) – Everything above and special support listing on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). Paid hotel and travel to National Premiere film festival screening, 2 tickets to World Premiere (No Travel or Hotel Expenses included). Public screening coordinated in partnership with filmmakers, Q&A after the screening (Offered the opportunity to participate as a speaker with filmmakers as to what motivated you to become a supporter), (%100 Tax Deductible after $945).

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