Warren Dent | Assistant Editor

Warren Dent is a 25 years old college graduate who has shot, directed and edited short film XOXO, assisted in the 2018 Winter Film Awards and currently is one of the assistant editors working on the Middlemen doc-series.

Who is Hawa Bah

Hawa Bah takes us to the home of her late son Mohamed Bah. Pushing on the buzzer to his apartment, a ringing sound emerges but no one is home. She explains that he was killed by police officers after she […]

Zach Grinfeld | Assistant Editor

Zach Grinfeld is an Assistant Editor at Mindz Productions working on Middle Men.  He holds a degree in Film Studies & Production with a minor in Engineering from Hofstra University, where he was a production assistant with CBS for the […]

Crowdfunding ART!

Paintings available as part of packages offered via our Crowdfunding campaign for Documentaries, Middlemen Documentary Trilogy! Donations are tax deductible. Artwork available for donations $500+. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR CROWDFUNDING SITE (MIDDLE MEN) OR USE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW


We’ve been going through our onset photos from this film and thought we’d share our favorites with you so far. More to come soon, so be sure to check back.

Rochelle White | Director & Producer

Rochelle White is a documentary and narrative filmmaker and owner of Mindz Productions. She has an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Health and a Masters in Business Administration. She is a mother of a 14 year old daughter, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. Her award […]

James Gray | Producer

James C.B Gray is a community, social and civil rights activist who is currently the national action network youth huddle representative for the Harlem chapter of NYC, where he serves as a mentor for the youth of NAN alongside the […]